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Lesson 3Back up system data
Objective Use the Backup utility to backup system state data.

Backup System Data

You can also use the Backup utility in Windows 2000 to back up the system state data, which includes the following system components:
  1. Registry
  2. Component Services Class Registration database
  3. System startup files
  4. Certificate Services database
  5. Active Directory
  6. Sysvol folder
Table of system components
Table of system components

In Windows 2000 Professional, the system state includes the registry, the Component Services Class Registration database, and system startup files. In Windows 2000 Server operating systems, the system state also includes the Certificate Services database (if the computer is a certificate server), Active Directory, and the Sysvol folder (if the computer is a domain controller).
The following Slide Show will show you how to backup the system state data on a local computer:
Backup System 1
1) Backup System 1
Backup System 2
2) Backup System 2
Backup System 3
3) Backup System 3
Backup System 4
4) Backup System 4
The next lesson shows you how to use the Task Scheduler.

BackUp System Data - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to apply your knowledge about backing up system data.
BackUp System Data - Exercise