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Lesson 10

Windows Deployment Conclusion

In this module, you learned how you can use the Remote Installation Service, or RIS, to deploy Windows 2000 Professional in your organization. RIS is comparable to the functionality provided by the Network Client Administrator in Windows NT 4.0 Server, but limited to installation Windows 2000 Professional only. You saw how RIS is installed on a Windows 2000 Server computer and how to authorize the RIS server in the Active Directory. You learned how to configure installation options for a Windows 2000 Professional installation using RIS. Finally, you saw how to set up pre-staging for Windows 2000 clients using GUIDs, and how to configure maintenance and troubleshooting utilities from third-party vendors when they become available. Now that you have completed this module, you should be able to:
  1. Describe the components of RIS
  2. Install and configure RIS
  3. Authorize the RIS server and assign user permissions
  4. Identify remote installation options that can be configured, and configure client names and locations
  5. Define pre-staging
  6. Configure client installation options
  7. Configure maintenance and troubleshooting utilities

New terms

Here a few terms that might be new to you:
  1. Remote Installation Services (RIS): The Remote Installation Service manages and distributes Windows 2000 Professional image files to clients enabled for remote boot either via the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) or from RIS boot disk.
  2. Globally unique identifier (GUID): Globally Unique Identifier is a number associated with a process or object that defines it separate and distinct from all other processes or objects.
  3. Group Policy object (GPO): A collection of group policy settings. Group policy objects are essentially the documents created by the Group Policy snap-in, a Windows 2000 utility. Group Policy objects are stored at the domain level, and they affect users and computers contained in sites, domains, and organizational units. In addition, each Windows 2000 computer has exactly one group of settings stored locally, called the local Group Policy object.

The next module continues to examine deploying Windows 2000 Professional using Remote Installation Services.

RIS Server Install - Quiz

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