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Recovery Console Commands

Recovery Console commands
Recovery Console commands
  1. chdir (cd): Displays the name of the current folder or changes the current folder
  2. chkdsk: Checks a disk and displays a status report
  3. cls: Clears the screen
  4. copy: Copies a single file to another location
  5. delete (del): Deletes one or more files
  6. dir: Displays a list of files and subfolders in a folder
  7. disable: Disables a system service or a device driver
  8. enable: Starts or enables a system service or a device driver
  9. exit: Exits the Recovery Console and restarts your computer
  10. fdisk: Manages partitions on your hard disks
  11. fixboot: Writes a new partition boot sector onto the system partition
  12. fixmbr: Repairs the master boot record of the partition boot sector
  13. format: Formats a disk
  14. help: Displays a list of the commands that you use in the Recovery Console
  15. logon: Logs on to a Windows 2000 installation
  16. map: Displays the drive letter mappings
  17. mkdir (Md): Creates a folder
  18. more: Displays a text file
  19. rmdir (rd): Deletes a folder
  20. Rename (ren): Renames a single file
  21. systemroot: Sets the current folder to the systemroot folder of the system that you are currently logged on to
  22. type: Displays a text file