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Recovery Console - Exercise

Troubleshooting with the Recovery Console

Objective: Use the Recovery Console to diagnose a network problem.


This exercise is worth a total of 5 points. You will be presented with a troubleshooting scenario, but unlike Problem Solver exercises, you will not submit your response to a tutor. Instead, you will work offline. Click the Submit Button when you are finished to view the results.

The scenario

You need to install a new device driver for a mission-critical scanning application for your department's scanner server. All the partitions on the server are NTFS partitions. After reading the instructions and the readme.txt file that comes with the upgrade, you go through the installation procedure. After finishing the installation procedure, you reboot the computer. You enter your username and password at the logon screen, and a couple of seconds later, you get a blue screen. You try this a couple more times, and get the same blue screen each time.
After talking to Technical Support at the scanner company, they tell you that they are aware of problems with the new scanner driver and Windows 2000. In order to fix the problem, you will need to download the new driver and replace the current scanner driver with the new one. Only the file needs to be replaced, nothing else. They tell you good luck, and hang up the phone.

Your task

Troubleshoot the installation.
  1. What is preventing access to the operating system?
  2. How might you use the Recovery Console to solve the problem?