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Learning bridge to creating and extending simple volumes

The third course in the series addresses creating and extending simple volumes. If you need a refresher, read through the following material.

Create Simple volume

To create a simple volume:
  1. Open Disk Management
  2. Right-click unallocated space on the dynamic disk where you want to create the simple volume
  3. Click Create Volume.
  4. A wizard provides on-screen instructions
Note: A simple volume is not fault-tolerant; you can create a mirror of a simple volume, or a mirrored volume, to provide fault tolerance.

Extending Simple volume

You can extend a simple volume that is formatted with NTFS to include either contiguous or noncontiguous unallocated space on the same disk. However, you cannot extend a system or boot volume. (You create a system or boot volume when you convert a system or boot partition to dynamic storage.) To extend a simple volume:
  1. Right-click the simple volume that you want to extend
  2. Click Extend Volume
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen

When you extend a simple volume to include space on another disk, it becomes a spanned volume.