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Restrict image - Exercise

Restrict an image

Problem Solver: associating an answer file and restricting an image

Objective: Restrict an image to the Administrators group.


This Problem Solver is worth a total of 10 points. In the exercise, you will complete a simulation and then respond to a question. Complete the simulation and submit your solution to a tutor once you are finished.

The scenario

You have been tasked to restrict access to image files so that no one but the administrators can have access to the files. Then you will begin a RIS client installation.

Your task

First complete the simulation exercise. Then answer the Problem Solver question and submit the answer to your tutor.
After restricting access to the standard RIS .sif file, you tell one of your junior administrators to install a RIS Client using a RIS boot disk. He calls you a little later and informs you that during the client setup, he is not able to access any images.
What is the problem your junior administrator is having and how can you fix it?

Submitting your solution

Enter your solution into the text box below and click the Submit button to submit it and see a result set.