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Lesson 10

Remote Installation Services Conclusion

In this module, we built on RIS concepts you learned in the last module. Now you know how to install alternate CD-based images, which gives you more flexibility when deploying Windows 2000 Professional using RIS, as well as how to use different answer files to customize the RIS installation.
You learned an important method of securing your images by restricting access to the .sif files that drive the RIS client installation process. You saw that RIS works with network cards that contain the PXE boot ROM, and that if you do not have cards with PXE support, you can use an RIS Startup disk to begin the installation. Finally, you learned how to get a higher degree of RIS client customization by using the RIPrep utility and how to create a user profile to distribute to the RIS clients.

You should be able to:
  1. Install alternate CD-based images
  2. Illustrate how to associate an answer file
  3. Illustrate how to restrict images to selected users
  4. Explain how to create a RIS Startup disk
  5. Install an image on a RIS client computer
  6. Identify key concepts related to RIPrep and set up a source computer
  7. Modify the default user profile
  8. Install using the Remote Installation wizard

New terms

Here are some terms that might be new to you:
  1. CD-based image: An image file based on the contents of the Windows 2000 CD-ROM. A collection of installation files required to install Windows 2000 Professional.
  2. Answer file: A plain text file that contain entries that answer questions during the installation of Windows 2000.
  3. Remote Installation Preparation (RIPrep): An imaging option that allows a network administrator to clone a standard corporate desktop configuration, including customized operating system customizations, desktop customizations, and any special applications that need to be installed locally.
  4. Source computer: 'In the context of RIS, the source computer is the machine containing the installation files.

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