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Move Server Objects between Sites - Exercise

Problem Solver Exercise: Moving Server Objects

Objective: Your goal: Decide whether to move a server object.


You will receive 5 points for this exercise. When you have completed the exercise, submit your answer in the text box below.

The Scenario

You are the administrator of the Acme Corporation's network, which uses a single domain model. You have created two sites in the domain. Site A consists of two IP subnets: subnet and, which are connected by a high bandwidth WAN link. Site B consists of one IP subnet:
You have a domain controller which was installed prior to the creation of sites A and B. Its IP address is You install another domain controller, with IP address Which, if either, of the server objects must you move, and to where?

Your task

In the text box below, explain how you arrived at your answer, and the steps you would go through to implement your solution.