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Lesson 9

Install Active Directory Conclusion

This module discussed how to use the Installation Wizard to install Active Directory.
This means that you should now be able to:
  1. Install Active Directory
  2. Prepare for installation
  3. Establish a root domain
  4. Add a domain controller
  5. Create a child domain
  6. Create a tree in a forest
  7. Verify the installation of Active Directory

New terms

This module introduced you to the following terms:
  1. Child domains: A domain located in the namespace tree directly under another domain name (the parent domain), which contains the name of the parent in its own name. Example: is a child domain of the parent domain.
  2. Microsoft Management Console (MMC): A framework for hosting administrative tools, called consoles. A console may contain tools, folders or other containers, World Wide Web pages, and other administrative items. These items are displayed in the left pane of the console, called a console tree. A console has one or more windows that can provide views of the console tree.
  3. NetBIOS: Network Basic Input/Output System; an API used by programs on a local network that provides a uniform set of commands for requesting lower level services.
  4. Root domain: The first domain created in a domain tree.
  5. SRV resource records: Used in a DNS zone to register and locate well known TCP/IP services.
In the next module, you will learn in depth about the physical structure of Active Directory.

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