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Create Tree in Existing AD Forest - Exercise

Problem Solver Exercise: Create Domain Tree in existing Forest

Objective: This exercise asks you to create a domain tree.


You will receive 5 points for this exercise. Please submit your answer in the text box below.

The scenario

You are the network administrator for a large network that recently migrated from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008. Your network consists of a single domain tree[1] that is the first and only tree in the forest. You must be offsite for several days. Your assistant needs to create a new domain tree in the existing forest to accommodate a new subsidiary the company has acquired. You must give instructions to your assistant, via email, explaining how to create a new domain tree in the existing forest.

Your task

Please write a list that includes every step involved in creating a new domain tree in an existing forest. Be thorough enough that someone who has never gone through the process before will be able to do so following your instructions. Include any special considerations such as naming conventions, defaults, and so on.


You may want to return to the part of the lesson that covers this, or try creating a domain tree on your own software if you have it. If your list contains fewer than 10 items, it's probably incomplete.

[1]domain tree:By definition, a Windows 2000 Active Directory domain tree is a set of Windows 2000 domains connected together by means of a two-way transitive trust, sharing a common schema, configuration, and global catalog.