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Information for RIS wizard

RIS Wizard
RIS Wizard

  1. Remote Installation: Specify the NTFS partition and folder on the RIS server where you want to install the supporting files and the initial CD-based image. The location that you supply cannot be on a Distributed file system (Dfs) shared folder or an Encrypted File System (EFS) volume.
  2. Initial Settings: Specify how the RIS server will respond to client computers. You can set the server so that it:
  3. Installation Source: Responds to all client requests. To configure this response, select the Respond to client computers requesting service check box.
  4. Windows Installation: Responds only to requests from clients that have pre-staged computer accounts. To configure this response, select both the Respond to client computers requesting service and the Do not respond to unknown client computers check boxes.
  5. Friendly Description: Specify the location of the Windows 2000 Professional source files that will create the initial CD-based image. These files can come from either a compact disc or a network shared folder. You must create an initial CD-based image before you can start RIS. This is true even if you plan on offering only RIPrep images to users.
  6. Pop-up text: Specify the name of the folder within the RIS installation folder on the RIS server where the initial CD-based image will be created.
  7. Confirmation page: Specify the description and explanatory text for the initial CD-based image. This information will appear when the user logs on to the RIS server and selects this image from the list that appears in the Client Installation wizard.
  8. Prep for deployment: The RIS Setup Wizard concludes with a confirmation page that allows you to confirm the settings selected during the wizard procedure. If everything looks OK, click Finish.
  9. Task complete: After clicking Finish the RIS Setup Wizard begins a series of tasks that prepare the RIS image for deployment.