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Using Remote Installation Services (Part 2)

Lesson 1
In the last module, you learned how to install and configure the RIS server, how to delegate control to users so that they can install Windows 2000 Professional via RIS, and how to do some basic customization of the dialog boxes during the client setup.
In this module, we'll look at Remote Installation Services in more detail. You'll learn how to modify the basic CD-ROM images that were copied to the hard disk during RIS server installation. We will also take a look at how to customize the installation using unattended answer files, how to restrict user-access to the image file, and how to actually go about installing RIS on the RIS client.

Customizing installation

There are two ways you can customize an installation past the RIS image defaults. One is to create and attach custom answer files, and the other is to use a new feature with Windows 2000, the RIPrep.exe utility. RIPrep allows you to easily deploy images with highly customized user environments and applications.
By the end of this module, you will be able to:
  1. Install alternate CD-based images
  2. Illustrate how to associate an answer file
  3. Illustrate how to restrict images to selected users
  4. Explain how to create a RIS Startup disk
  5. Install an image on a RIS client computer
  6. Identify key concepts related to RIPrep and set up a source computer
  7. Modify the default user profile
  8. Create and image using the Remote Installation wizard

The next lesson focuses on how to modify the installation of a CD-based image