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User Login Problems - Exercise

User login Problems

Objective: Troubleshoot common user login problems.


This exercise is unscored. It's an opportunity for you to practice ordering the steps of a client-side DNS query. When you are finished, click the Submit button to receive credit for completing the exercise.

Background and Overview

One day, at the start of business, a user reports that she is unable to log in. When you ask her for the error message, she says that her home directory does not exist. Several minutes later, another user reports that he is unable to log in with the same error.


Both the users john and jane are unable to log in. Use the procedures discussed in this lesson to troubleshoot their login problems.
Unlike the other simulations within this course, there are a few steps you'll need to figure out on your own. We'll tell you what to do, but figuring out how to do it will be your task in this exercise.

1) /root

ls /home
2) ls /home

mount /home
3) mount /home

ls/ home
4) ls/ home

  1. First, make sure that the home directory mounted correctly by typing the command to list the contents of /home.
  2. Prompt
  3. ls /home
  4. Try typing ls /home and press Enter.
  1. Because the directory is empty, you suspect that the /home directory was unmounted during the previous night's backup but never remounted. Type the command necessary to remount this directory.
  2. Prompt
  3. mount /home
  4. Try typing |||(S1)mount /home|||(S0) and press Enter.
  1. The /home directory mounted successfully, so now type the command to list the contents of /home.
  2. Prompt
  3. ls /home
  4. Try typing ls /home and press Enter.
  5. The users' home directories are now available. This completes the Simulation. Click the Exit button.