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Common Linux System Problems - Exercise

Common Linux system problems and their symptoms

Objective: Match each problem with a symptom it might display.


This is an opportunity for you to practice ordering the steps of a client-side DNS query. When you are finished, click the Submit button to receive credit for completing the exercise.


In the left column below are six common Linux system problems. Their corresponding symptoms are listed in the right column. Click a problem in the left column, then click its symptom in the right column to make a match.
When you have matched all of the problems and their symptoms, click the Done button to see whether you've done so correctly--green lines mean the match is correct, red lines mean the match is incorrect. If you didn't get the matches right the first time, click Clear to erase your matches and try again.

  1. Boot problems
  2. Login problems
  3. File and directory problems
  4. Network problems
  5. Performance problems
  6. Security concerns
  1. System daemons do not start successfully
  2. Users cannnot log in, either remotely, locally|||or through the su command
  3. A user cannot access his or her home directory
  4. X Windows will not start
  5. Commands take an unusually long time to start
  6. Users display unusual log-in times