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Lesson 5 Installing the Directory Services Client
Objective The Directory Services Client

Installing Directory Services Client

The Directory Services Client upgrades computers running Windows2000 and Windows 98 so that they support the features of Active Directory.

Purpose of the Directory Services Client

Because of hardware limitations, you will probably not be able to upgrade all of your machines from previous Windows operating systems to Windows 2000. When this happens, you will need to install the Active Directory service client software on the older systems if you want them to take advantage of Active Directory functionality.

Active Directory functionality

The major functionality provided by Active Directory includes:
  1. Distributed file system (Dfs). Dfs is a service that allows you to organize data into a logical hierarchy even though is it physically spread over multiple computers.
  2. Powerful search engine
  3. Ability to change passwords on any domain controller

It is important to install the Active Directory Service Client software on older Windows operating systems if you want to take advantage of centralized management of shared network resources via the Distributed file system (DFS) .
If you do not install the Active Directory client, the downlevel systems will not be able to obtain redirection messages to other servers that participate in a Dfs tree. In addition, if downlevel operating system users need to access information in the Active Directory, they require the Directory Service Client software.
Before installing the Directory Services Client on a computer running Windows2000, you must install Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0.1 or later and enable the Active Desktop(tm) component. Otherwise, the Directory Services Client Setup Wizard does not run. To install the Directory Services Client, perform the steps shown in the following SlideShow.
In the next lesson, you will learn how to identify server upgrade paths.

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