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Lesson 8Installing Windows Professional/Server from compact disc
Objective Describe installation process/how to run Setup program.

Installing Windows Professional and Server from compact disc

There are several ways to install Windows. The least complicated way is to install it from the CD-ROM on the local machine.
This is typically how it is done when you install the first domain controller in your Windows domain.
Installation of Windows from a compact disc involves starting the computer from a compact disc or floppy disks and proceeding through several wizards.

How to install

The first part of the Setup program is text based. To run the Setup program, perform the following tasks:
  1. Start the computer from the compact disc, or boot from the Setup disks if you do not have a bootable CD-ROM drive, and insert the additional Setup disks when prompted. Alternately, you can start Setup from inside another operating system.
  2. Select To Set Up Windows Now, click ENTER.
  3. Read and accept the licensing agreement.
  4. Select the partition on which to install Windows.
  5. Select a file system for the new partition. If installing the operating system on an existing FAT or FAT32 partition, you can specify whether you want to convert the partition to NTFS.
In the next lesson, you will learn how to begin using the Windows Setup Wizard.