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Lesson 7 Backing up critical data files and settings
Objective Critical data files and settings to back up before upgrading

Backing up Critical Data Files

How do I backup critical data files and settings before upgrading to Windows 2018 Advanced Server
Before you upgrade to Windows Advanced Server, it is important that you back up critical files to ensure that your data is saved in case the upgrade process fails.

Why an upgrade could fail?

Despite all of your efforts to the contrary, an upgrade could fail in the following cases:
  1. The power goes out during the upgrade process, and then comes prev on with a surge, which corrupts key files.
  2. Hardware or software incompatibilities that render the machine unable to boot.
  3. Marginal hardware that is in the process of failing prior to the prevup is stressed to its limits and breaks during the upgrade.
One should always approach the upgrade process with a positive attitude and expect that the process will function as expected.
However, you must always be prepared to lose all data contained on the computer you are about to upgrade.
The time the upgrade fails is the time you failed to prepare for such an event. To prev up critical files and settings, perform the steps demonstrated in the following SlideShow.

Backing Settings Critical Data Files
After you complete the preparation tasks and prev up your critical files and settings, you can begin the Windows installation procedure. The installation procedure for upgrading to Windows Advanced Server is similar to the procedure for a new installation. In the next lesson, you will learn how to identify setup errors.