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Installing the Windows Setup Wizard: Exercise part 2

Problem solver: installation glitches

Objective: This exercise asks you to troubleshoot an installation problem.


This exercise is worth a total of 5 points. To receive full credit, you will need to correctly troubleshoot the problem presented in this exercise.


Part 1:
After starting the installation process, you notice that you receive a number of file copy errors during the initial text-based file copy phase. You restart the installation process several times and get file copy errors for the same files each time.

What do you think is going wrong with the installation process? What would you do to correct the situation? Part 2:
After solving the first problem, you begin to install Windows Advanced Server again. You use the Setup floppy disks to get the installation started. During the hardware detection phase, the Setup program informs you that it cannot detect any mass storage devices. You have a CD-ROM installed on the computer. What do you think the problem might be? Why isn't the Setup program recognizing the CD-ROM drive in this computer? What would you do to solve the problem?
Part 3
You have solved the problem with the CD-ROM drive. You start the Setup program again, and this time you get a message informing you that you do not have enough disk space to complete installation. At the present time, there are three partitions on this computer that have a total of 1.6 GB hard disk: 500 MB, 500 MB, and 600 MB. What can you do to correct the problem?
Part 4
After correcting the lack of disk space problem, you decide that you want the computer to join a domain. You properly enter the name and password of an account that has the right to add new computers to the domain, but you receive the message, "Unable to contact a domain controller. " What might be the problem? What are some things you can do to correct this problem?


Your task: Consider carefully the possible answers to the questions in each of the scenarios, and then write two or three possible causes for the problems in each part of the scenario. After deciding on some possible causes, write what your solution would be to correct each possible cause of the problems you have identified.

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