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Determining Domain or Workgroup Membership - Exercise

Problem solver: preparing for preinstallation

Objective: Your goal is to determine the requirements for a proper preinstallation.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 5 points. To receive full credit, answer the following questions about preinstallation.

The scenario

You are the senior network administrator for Acme, Inc. Your organization has decided to upgrade to Windows. You want to start the upgrade process now, and you need to install your first domain controller to get the Windows rollout started. After you get the Windows domain controller online, you want to begin installing Windows Professional network clients.

Your task

  1. To get the domain controller up and running, you need to consider the hardware, software, and network services to begin the installation process.
  2. After you have the domain controller installed, consider the hardware, software, and network services requirements to install the Windows Professional network clients.
  3. Create a checklist or narrative solution, which addresses the preceding tasks and scenario.

Submitting your solution

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