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tar tape backup command

Linux verbose option

The v option for verbose output is not necessary to create and extract tar archives. However, it is useful as a check to view the set of files acted upon as the archive is generated or extracted. The syntax for the verbose option is the same as that for other tar commands.
The default tape drive under Linux is /dev/st0 (first SCSI tape device name). Following paragraph summaries command you need to use control tape drive for backup/restore purpose.

Linux Tape Backup Example

To backup to multiple tape use the following command (backup /home file system):
# tar -clpMzvf /dev/st0 /home

To compare tape backup, enter:
# tar -dlpMzvf /dev/st0 /home

To restore tape in case of data loss or hard disk failure:
# tar -xlpMzvf /dev/st0 /home