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Using the Network Configurator tool

The following instructions are tested and compatible with:
  1. Cent OS Linux v3/4/5.x.
  2. Fedora Core Linux (older version).
  3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) v3/4/5.x based server.
Method # 1: GUI tool system-config-network
Open the X terminal or login using ssh over X based session command (ssh -X user@server-name-here). Type the following command at shell prompt:

$ system-config-network &

The Network Configurator Interface Window

After selecting Ethernet as the interface type, you configure the new network interface card by filling in the IP and Netmask information and saving the configuration

After installing network interfaces, you make updates or corrections to your existing network interfaces by clicking Edit from the main Network Configurator window, filling in the new IP and Netmask information, and saving the configuration