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What is a Firewall - Exercise

Firewall terminology

Objective: Review key firewall terms
Match the items in the left column with the items in the right column. In the left column below there are five terms and, in the right column, the corresponding definitions. Match the term in the left column, with the definition in the right column to make a match.
Paste your solution in the textbox shown below. When you have all of the terms and their definitions matched correctly, click the Submit you will see whether or not you have matched the terms correctly.

Exercise Scoring

You will receive five points for this exercise. The exercise is auto-scored; when you have completed the exercise, click the Submit button to receive full credit.
  1. Demilitarized zone
  2. Gateway
  3. Firewall
  4. Chokepoint
  5. Bastion host
  1. A zone for incoming information between a company's private and a public network
  2. A component or series of components that processes data between two different networks
  3. A single security component that acts as a buffer between a private and a public network
  4. A combination of hardware and software connecting two different types of networks
  5. A network that provides a buffer between an internal and external network