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Lesson 1

Unix Network Administration

Configuring Domain Name Service

Welcome to Linux and UNIX Network Administration II, the last course in the four-part Linux/UNIX System and Network Administration Series. This course focuses on
  1. the basics of configuring and using the Domain Name Service,
  2. sendmail,
  3. the Network Information System, and
  4. the Network File System.

Versions of UNIX covered

The course covers variations between Solaris, Linux, AIX, and HP-UX operating systems. The examples and exercises focus on using a Linux or a Solaris system, however. In cases where the commands or procedures vary significantly between Linux and Solaris, two versions of examples and exercises are offered—one for Linux and one for Solaris.

What is the difference between System Administration and Network Administration

The primary difference between these two roles is that a Network Administrator oversees the network (a group of computers connected together), while a System Administrator is in charge of the computer systems, which consist of various machines and their corresponding operating systems.

Course goals

After completing the course, you will be able to:
  1. Explain the structure and function of the Domain Name Service (DNS)
  2. Set up a UNIX machine to function as a DNS server
  3. Configure and use sendmail
  4. Set up an NIS domain, with an NIS master server and NIS clients
  5. Describe basic network security issues and solutions
  6. Set up a UNIX machine to act as an NFS server
  7. Set up a UNIX machine to act as an NFS client
Linux System Administration