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Lesson 8 Security tools
Objective Discuss various security tools available.

Security tools (Scenario Application)

Most security testing software is designed to test various aspects of system security. Some programs are comprehensive, and others focus on very specific aspects of your network. Most are simply tools that help automate the process of uncovering security problems.

Benefits of Security Tools

The primary benefit of these tools is that they are convenient and automated, and can be run regularly with little effort. The chief liability of security testing software is that most of the comprehensive tools become outdated quickly. These programs have no way of detecting newly discovered security problems, unless you modify or update them. Security testing must be viewed as a supplement to proper auditing practices, not a replacement.


The three major security tool categories are shown in the table below.
Security tool categories
Security tool categories

Continuous security

The only way to ensure continued security is by applying sound principles, modified by experimentation and experience. New networking technologies appear quickly, so it is incumbent for network administrators to keep abreast of the latest developments.

Security Tools - Exercise

Click the Exercise link to locate some hacker sites.
Security Tools - Exercise