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Lesson 4 Install Terminal Services Client
Objective Install Terminal Services Client.

Install Terminal Services Client

The Microsoft Terminal Server is a client/server product. After installing the Terminal Server software on a Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server or Datacenter Server computer, you must install the client software on those machines that need access to the Terminal Server. The client software is simple to install, and uses very little of the local machine's system resources. You can choose either of the following methods to install Terminal Services Client:
  1. Use an installation disk or disk set for installing Terminal Services Client on the client
  2. Use a shared folder for downloading Terminal Services Client across the network

Create Client Installation Disks

Windows 2000 includes the Terminal Services Client Creator administrative tool with which you can create installation disks for the client software. After the software is installed on the client, the client will be able to connect to a server running Terminal Services. To create client installation disks, perform the following steps:
  1. In the Administrative Tools menu, open Terminal Services Client Creator.
  2. Select the type of Terminal Services Client software that you want to create. There are two options:
  1. Terminal Services for 16-bit Windows (requires 4 disks)
  2. Terminal Services for 32-bit x86 Windows (requires 2 disks)
Client Creator
Client Creator
  1. Insert a disk into the destination drive.
  2. After copying the files to the disks, close the Create Installation Disk dialog box, or click OK to create more disks.

Installing client software over Network

The source files for Terminal Services Client are stored in the systemroot\System32\Clients\Tsclient folder on the Terminal Server. The Tsclient folder contains the Net, Win16, and Win32 subfolders. To enable users to access Terminal Services Client over the network and install it on their computers, share the folders for the appropriate platforms. Users can then run Setup.exe from one of the shared folders.
Tsclient shared folder
Tsclient shared folder

Installing Terminal Services Client

Before installing Terminal Services Client, ensure that the client computer is properly configured and connected to the network. To practice installing Terminal Services Client, try the following Simulation.
In the next lesson, you will learn to establish a Terminal session.

Install Terminal Services Client - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to practice running the Terminal Services Client software.
Install - Terminal Services Client - Exercise