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Lesson 6 Configure VPN ports
Objective Configure VPN ports.

Configure VPN ports

In order to create a VPN server, you must configure ports on the VPN server for VPN clients to dial into. In this lesson, we will examine how to configure those inbound ports so that VPN clients can create secure private connections with a VPN server.

Configure ports

When RRAS is started for the first time, Windows 2000 automatically creates five PPTP and five L2TP ports, as illustrated in the image below:
VPN ports
VPN ports

The number of VPN ports that are available to any RAS is not limited by the hardware. You can configure VPN ports under Ports in the console tree of Routing and Remote Access. To configure VPN ports, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Routing and Remote Access from the Administrative Tools menu.
  2. In the console tree of Routing and Remote Access, open the Properties dialog box for Ports.
Routing and Remote Access Properties dialog box
  1. In the Ports Properties dialog box, select a device-for VPN ports--eitherWAN Miniport (PPTP) or WAN Miniport (L2TP)--and then click Configure.
  2. In the Configure Ports dialog box, select the Remote access (inbound) check box to enable inbound VPN connections.
Configure ports dialog box
Configure ports dialog box
  1. Optionally, you can increase or decrease the number of virtual ports available on the server.
  2. Click OK in the Configure Ports and Ports Properties dialog boxes.
The next lesson demonstrates how to configure modem and cable ports.

Configure VPN Ports - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to practice configuring inbound VPN connections.
Configure VPN Ports - Exercise