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Lesson 7 Application compatibility scripts
Objective Describe application compatibility scripts.

Application Compatibility Scripts

Terminal Services includes application compatibility scripts for popular applications. These scripts modify applications to function well in a multiuser environment. The installation modifies the application's global registry settings and disables functions that could negatively impact system performance. For example, the Microsoft Office 97 compatibility script disables the FindFast utility and sets a number of file attributes to read-only to ensure that multiple users can open files simultaneously.

Examining Application Compatibility Scripts

Many commonly used applications have been tested for compatibility with Terminal Services. For maximum performance on a Terminal Server in application server mode, some applications require minor changes after installation. Scripts are available for these applications and must be run after the application installation is complete. The scripts are located in the
systemroot\Application CompatibilityScripts\Install 
folder. Note: To install Microsoft Office 2000 on a Terminal Server, you must install the Terminal Services components in the Office 2000 Resource Kit. Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit Web site. In the next lesson, yoy willl learn how to run these scripts.