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Lesson 8

Terminal Services Conclusion

In this module, we covered important issues in planning and implementing Terminal Server and Terminal Client solutions for your enterprise. The Terminal Server solution is ideal for those organizations that are reluctant to upgrade their hardware and software configuration on client machines. Users access the Terminal Server through a window on their client operating system, which must be a Windows-based computer that meets the minimum hardware requirements to run the Terminal Server Client.
When you are planning an installation, you must consider the hardware requirements of both the Terminal Client and Terminal Server. You also must consider the software the Terminal Clients will run, and the type of utilization of Terminal Server resources the average user will use. Finally, you learned how to plan and deploy Terminal Server Client licensing. You understand that both the Terminal Client session and each Terminal Client running application need a separate license for each application.
Now that you have completed this module, you should be able to:
  1. Describe the features and benefits of Terminal Services
  2. Explain how to access the User Environment
  3. Plan an installation
  4. Explain client hardware requirements
  5. Define server configuration to support users
  6. Identify licensing requirements

New terms

Here are some terms that might be new to you.
  1. Terminal Services: An optional component of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server that delivers the Windows 2000 desktop and Windows-based applications to remote computers and devices.
  2. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP): A key component of Terminal Server is the protocol that allows a "super-thin client" to communicate with the Terminal Server over the network. This protocol is based on International Telecommunications Union\'s (ITU) T.120 protocol, an international, standard multichannel conferencing protocol currently used in the Microsoft NetMeeting conferencing software product. It is tuned for high-bandwidth enterprise environments and will also support encrypted sessions.

Terminal Services
The next module explores installing and configuring Terminal Services.

Terminal Services - Quiz

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