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Terminal Services - Quiz

1. Your management team does not want to spend the money to upgrade everyone's desktop computers to new Pentium-class computers immediately, but they want to install new equipment over the next two years. They want all users to become familiar with the same user interface and to be able to use the same suite of applications. They also want to minimize the need for the technical support staff to visit individual users, but enable the support staff to show users how to perform tasks in the new interface. Which of the following are true of Terminal Services and would address these issues?
Please select all the correct answers.
  A. Is Internet-based
  B. Requires the client computer to be a Pentium 300 MHz (minimum)
  C. Has shadowing capabilities
  D. Provides the Windows 2000 interface to users with a variety of hardware

2. You support a network of 100 users with 386 processors, 486 processors, and Pentium processors. The management team has decided to upgrade all of the computers to Pentium-class computers running Windows 2000. Your management team wants to provide access to the Windows 2000 user interface now, so that users will be familiar with the Windows 2000 desktop environment when Windows 2000 is installed on their computers. If you were to suggest implementing Terminal Services, what issues would be involved in planning the Terminal Services deployment?
Please select all the correct answers.
  A. Client Access Licensing
  B. Windows 2000 Professional would have to be installed on all client computers
  C. Current software packages would have to be supported
  D. Upgrading all client computers to Pentium 300 computers

3. You have 300 Terminal Clients attempting to access the same Terminal Server, and users are complaining that the Terminal screen redraws very slowly. When you review your Terminal Server configuration, you note that you have a single 10 mbps network card connected to the Terminal Server. All switches and hubs connecting clients to the Terminal Server support up to 100 mbps data transmission. When you do a network analysis, you notice the segment on which the Terminal Server connection is located is at 100 percent network utilization. Which of the following could improve the Terminal Client user experience?
Please select all the correct answers.
  A. Replace the 10 mbps card with a 100 mbps card on the Terminal Server
  B. Replace all the client network cards with 100 mbps cards
  C. Install the Network Monitor on the Terminal Server
  D. Add a second segment with a 10 mbps card for file and print access