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Identifying RIS server problems and solutions

Identifying solutions to RIS problems

The following table provides possible solutions for common problems with setting up a RIS server.
Problem Possible solution
Client computers display a BootP message but do not display the DHCP message. Determine whether non-RIS clients can obtain an IP address. If they cannot, make sure that the DHCP server is online, authorized, and has a defined and activated IP address scope. Make sure that DHCP packets are being routed.
Client computers display the DHCP message but do not display the Boot Information Negotiations Layer (BINL) message. Verify that the RIS server is online and authorized. Make sure that DHCP packets are being routed.
Client computers display the BINL message but cannot connect to the RIS server. Restart the NetPC Boot Service Manager (BINLSVC) service on the RIS server.
Client computers cannot connect to a RIS server by using the RIS Startup disk. In the Remote Boot Disk Generator utility, click Adapter List to verify that the RIS Startup disk supports the client network adapter.
You press F12 and the remote startup initiates, but the client computer cannot connect to an RIS server. Make sure that the client PXE ROM is version .99c or later. Start the computer, and check the PXE ROM messages that appear on the screen.
The expected installation options are not available to a user. Check for Group Policy conflicts. Another Group Policy object may have taken precedence over the Group Policy object assigned to the installation options.