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Optimize Performance Security -Exercise

Optimize performance and security for remote administration

Terminal Services: installation and configuration

Objective: Determine solutions for Terminal Services installation and configuration issues


This exercise is worth a total of 5 points. To receive full credit, you need to provide the answers to the following questions, which will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of installation and configuration of Terminal Services. Answer each one in the text box provided. Once you have completed both answers, you'll submit them to a tutor for feedback.


  1. You have been asked to install Windows 2000 Terminal Services on a test computer and to create the Terminal Services Client software for the Information Technology (IT) staff to install on their network computers for testing purposes. How can you deploy the Terminal Services Client software utilizing the network?
  1. You have five users who connect to a Terminal Server. All of them are complaining that each time they connect to the server, the wallpaper and screensaver settings have changed, and sometimes their data files have been deleted. How can you resolve these problems?

Submitting your exercise

Once you've entered your responses into the text boxes, Click the Submit button to submit the exercise to a tutor. Remember that you must submit all of your responses to this exercise at one time.