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Determine Server Configuration to Support Users - Exercise

Determine Server Configuration to Support Users

Problem Solver: Server Configuration and Installation

Objective Devise a software and hardware upgrade strategy.


This Problem Solver exercise is worth a total of 10 points. Once you have completed the exercise, you'll submit it to a tutor.

The scenario

Your organization has 600 computers, which were purchased three years ago, located in a single complex. All the client machines run Windows 95 as their base operating system, and they all have Pentium 133 processors and 16 MB of RAM. All clients run a local version of Office 95. The servers are Pentium 166 computers with 64 MB of RAM and 4.3GB hard disks. All computers on the network have a single 10 mbps network card. You also have six Windows NT 4.0 servers on the network a single PDC and five BDCs. You have been told that the servers will all be upgraded to Windows 2000, but that for the time being, none of the client hardware or local software packages will be upgraded. The company wants to move to a Web-based file sharing solution, and wants to upgrade all users to Microsoft Office 2000 to meet this goal. None of the client computers have the available disk space, RAM, or processing capabilities to take full advantage of the Microsoft Office 2000 feature set.

Your task

It is your job to determine a hardware and software upgrade strategy for your organization. When coming up with this strategy, consider the following questions:
  1. What hardware upgrades will you make to the client computers?
  2. What hardware upgrades will you make to the servers?
  3. How many servers will you deploy as Windows 2000 Terminal Servers?
  4. What software will you install on the clients, if any?
  5. What software will you install on the Terminal Servers, if any?

Create a strategy that addresses the issues surrounding the scenario and upgrade described above.

Submitting your exercise

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Review the lessons pertaining to Terminal Server Clients and Terminal Server configurations. Based on that information, come up with a deployment plan that answers the questions in the Your task section.