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Lesson 3 Course Resources
Objective Explore course resources.

Course resources

There are numerous resources offered with this course that will help you to complete it successfully. The greatest resource is the Course Orientation, which you should take right now if you have not already. There, you will learn what to expect with regard to course structure, interactivity, and assessment. In addition to the Course Orientation, there are several other resources available to you. You will come across the elements listed below as you progress through the course.

Resources and Help page

You can find web links and RFC files on the Resources page. Remember, you can reach the Resources page at any time throughout the course by clicking the Resources button on the toolbar. And if you have questions, assistance is always available on the Sitemap page.


Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to review definitions of key terms. These terms are defined in the course glossary. Each course on this website has a corresponding glossary.
The following book is recommended while taking this course. Securing Microsoft Terminal Services
This book is not required to take this course, but does contain helpful, additional information. You can download a compressed file from the Resources page that contains a PDF file of the entire course. This PDF file provides the lesson, quiz, and exercise content so you can read and review the course material offline at your convenience. The PDF file is not required to complete this course. This course also has a separate PDF file containing the solutions for all the course exercises. The Exercise Solutions PDF is also available for download as a compressed file on the Resources page.