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Lesson 9

Linux Services Conclusion

Your Linux machine can act as a server for other operating systems' services, such as Microsoft Windows, in heterogeneous computing environments. Linux can mimic the services of Windows Server Message Blocks (SMB) or NetWare 3.x. This capability, coupled with Linux's open-source model, makes Linux an attractive alternative to the expense of other operating systems.
This module discussed what services Redhat Linux can mimic and how to enable those services. Specifically, you learned to set up file and print services that can integrate directly with Microsoft Windows and NetWare environments.

Learning objectives

Having completed this module, you should now be able to:
  1. Describe Samba and Server Message Blocks
  2. Install and configure a Samba server
  3. Configure shares, homes, and printing options
  4. Test a Samba server's configuration
  5. Secure a Samba server
  6. Define and install Mars
  7. Configure Mars

Glossary terms

The following terms were introduced in this module:
  1. Heterogeneous environments: A computing environment in which differing operating systems interact.
  2. NetBIOS: A network protocol that allows hosts to have separate names, tied directly with their capabilities, that may be queried in real-time.
  3. Samba: A collection of programs that implements SMB on Linux.
  4. Server Message Blocks (SMB): The core of file and printer sharing under Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  5. Windows domain: A more organized form of Windows workgroup.
  6. Windows Internet Name Server (WINS): A Microsoft Windows component, a WINS server can dynamically update hostnames to IP addresses without requiring manual intervention from the system administrator.
  7. Workgroup: In Windows terminology, a group of computers acting as part of a cohesive working unit that can share resources allocated to that workgroup.
The next module introduces you to various email concepts.

Network File Print Services - Quiz

Before you move to the next module, click the Quiz link below to test your knowledge of network file and print services with Samba and Mars.
Network File Print Services - Quiz