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DNS | DHCP Server - Exercise

Problem Solver: integrating with DNS and the DHCP Server service

Objective:Integrate DNS and DHCP Services.


You will receive 5 points for this exercise. The exercise is tutor-scored; when you have completed the exercise, type your answer in the text box below and click the Submit button to send your response into cyberspace.

The scenario

In your organization, two different support staffs manage DNS and desktop computers. You would like to dynamically update DNS information by using DHCP Servers; however, the DNS infrastructure is currently implemented with UNIX computers.

Your task

You need to decide how you might configure Windows 2000 to integrate DNS and DHCP Servers while maintaining the DNS features of the UNIX computers. To do so, answer the following three questions:
  1. How could you bring the zone database information from the UNIX DNS Server into a Windows 2000 DNS Server?
  2. What configuration changes would you need to make to the DHCP Server?
  3. What should you tell your DNS Administrators about zone changes after implementing your new configuration?