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Lesson 3 Designing the network foundation
ObjectiveDefine the components of networking services and the basics of designing a network foundation.

Designing the Network Foundation for DHCP

Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server offers a number of networking services that address specific requirements within an organization. Some are fundamental, such as TCP/IP, which is required when you plan to implement the Windows 2000 Active Directory directory service. Other networking services, such as RRAS, address more specific needs, like providing remote user connectivity.
You can create a networking services solution to fulfill the particular connectivity needs of your organization. To design a solution, you must translate the goals of your organization into functional requirements and specifications.

Components of networking services

The foundation of your networking services design is based upon services that are common to all designs. These services include:
  1. TCP/IP
  2. DHCP
  3. DNS
  4. WINS

They are described in detail in the following FlipBook:

Remote Access Services
In the next lesson, you will define the network services that help manage Internet and remote connectivity.

Network Services Components

Click the Exercise link below to match the network service components to their function.
Network Services Components