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Configuring a Share Drive

  1. The /etc/smb.conf file in the PICO editor is open. For the purposes of this simulation, we scrolled to the bottom of this window so you can insert your new share. At the prompt, type the share name, [projects] and press Enter.
  2. To specify a path to the share, type path = /projects and press Enter.
  3. To make the share write-capable, type writeable = true and press Enter.x
  4. Finally, describe the share by typing comment = "This is the company's project directory" and press Enter.
  5. Normally, you would press Control-X to exit PICO. For this simulation, click anywhere on the screen to continue.
  6. Press Y to save changes.
  7. Press Enter to accept the default file name.
  8. This completes the Simulation.