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Installing Mars on Linux

  1. To install the Mars package for the Intel architecture, type rpm -ivh mars-nwe-*.i386.rpm and press Enter.
    This command also shows you the progress (marked with hashes (#)) and information about the package as you're installing it.
  2. To create the Mars directory, type mkdir /home/netware and press Enter.
  3. This completes the Simulation.

The problem

Question: Can we share files and printers between UNIX and Windows world?
  1. UNIX NFS/LPD: Native TCP/IP applications
  2. Windows file/printer sharing: NetBIOS using SMB (Server Message Block Protocol)
Two things needed:
  1. Run NetBIOS on a TCP/IP
  2. Map NetBIOS addresses (names) to TCP/IP addresses (numbers)

One solution:Samba

What is Samba

  1. A suite of Unix applications that speak Server Message Block (SMB)
  2. Offering
  3. Share directory trees
  4. Share printers among Windows client on the network
  5. Assist clients with network browsing
  6. Authenticate clients logging onto a Windows domain
  7. Provide or assist with Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) name-server resolution
  8. Allow users on a Unix to access folders and printers that Windows Systems offer on the network.

How did SAMBA get started

  1. Samba was started in early 1990s by Andrew Tridgell who wanted to mount a disk share from his Unix host on to a DOC PC
  2. Reverse Engineered the SMB/NetBIOS protocol using packet sniffer
  3. Thus was born the SAMBA package as we know it today
  4. Samba is currently maintained and extended by a group of volunteers and is Open source software
  5. Samba development has been sponsored by universities, organizations, such as HP, IBM, etc.
  6. Microsoft offered SMB protocol definition to IETF in 1996 as Common Internet File System (CIFS)