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Port Numbers and Names- Quiz

Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer or answers for each question.
1. Under Linux, which file contains the mapping between port names and numbers?
Please select the best answer.
  A. /etc/portmap
  B. /etc/services
  C. /etc/ports/map
  D. /etc/exports

2. Which of the following formats is correct for the second field in /etc/services?
Please select the best answer.
  A. udp/6000
  B. 6000-udp
  C. 6000/udp
  D. udp-6000

3. When is it appropriate to map port names to numbers?
Please select all the correct answers.
  A. When you add a new network service
  B. When you install Linux
  C. When you disable a network service
  D. When you want a non-standard port for a service