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authconfig interface

Use shadow passwords
Use shadow passwords

  1. Selecting this option tells Linux to use the standard UNIX password method
  2. This option enables the use of NIS for password authentication
  3. This is the field for entering the name of your NIS domain. Ask you network administrator for this information.
  4. Selecting this option poses a security threat because any computer that answers the broadcast will supply your computer with network information.
  5. This field holds the value of your NIS server's IP address. You should set the server's IP address instead of using the insecure broadcast method.
  6. Shadow passwords are stored by Linux in a manner that prevents people from simply reading them from a password file. Using NIS with shadow passwords, however, gives up some of this system security.
  7. MD5 is another password encryption scheme. Enable this option if you expect to use MD5 passwords for user authentication.