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Using .Xdefault File

Xresources is a user-level configuration dotfile, typically located at ~/.Xresources.
It can be used to set X resources, which are configuration parameters for X client applications. They can do many operations, including:
  1. defining terminal colours
  2. configuring terminal preferences
  3. setting DPI, antialiasing, hinting and other X font settings
  4. changing the Xcursor theme
  5. theming xscreensaver
  6. altering preferences on low-level X applications (xclock (xorg-xclock), xpdfAUR, rxvt-unicode, etc.)
A number of excellent Xterm alternatives are
  1. XFCE terminal,
  2. gnome-terminal, and
  3. Konsole.

Default file

  1. The geometry resource in this line tells all applications of class Xcalc to originate the lower right-hand portion of the screen.
  2. The cursorColor resource changes the cursor's color in all Xterm class terminal windows to blue.
  3. xload is an application that shows system load overtime in an easy-to-read bar graph.
    These two command lines set the graph to red on white for all applications in the Xload class.
  4. By setting the border to 0, the border around xload will disappear, which decreases its footprint on the root window. Applications that are members of Xload, other than xload itself, will still have a visible border.