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Configuring a PPP connection

  1. This is the introduction screen. Click the Next button to go to the configuration.
  2. In the Account name box, type userPPP as the name for this account and press Enter.
  3. Now type 555-5555 in the Phone number box and press Next.
  4. On this PPP server, your username is "user". Enter this username now and press Enter.
  5. We will use "pass" as your password. Type pass in the dialog box and press Enter.
  6. If your Internet Provider was listed, you would select it from the menu options. For this Simulation, choose Normal ISP, which is highlighted by default. To accept this, simply click Next.
  7. The RP3 Configuration tool gives you one last look at the parameters you have entered. Check them over and click Finish to complete this Simulation.

Manually establish a PPP connection

You can test the settings by manually establishing a PPP connection. (Once we have the manual connection working, we will automate the process).
To do this, your communications software must be capable of quitting WITHOUT resetting the modem. Minicom can do this - ALT Q (or in older version of minicom CTRL A Q) Make sure you are logged in as root. Fire up you communications software, (such as minicom), dial into the PPP server and log in as normal. If you need to issue a command to start up PPP on the server, do so. You will now see the garbage you saw before. If you are using pap or chap, then merely connecting to the remote system should start ppp on the remote and you will see the garbage without logging in, (although this may not happen for some servers - try pressing Enter and see if the garbage starts up). Now quit the communications software without resetting the modem (ALT Q or CTL A Q in minicom) and at the Linux prompt (as root) type..
pppd -d -detach /dev/ttySx 38400 &

The -d option turns on debugging - the ppp connection start up conversation will be logged to your system log - which is useful if you are having trouble.
Your modem lights should now flash as the PPP connection is established. It will take a short while for the PPP connection to be made.
At this point you can look at the PPP interface, by issuing the command:-