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Troubleshooting Common X problems - Exercise

Objective: Explain the strategy you would use to solve the given problem.


This exercise is worth a total of 5 points. To receive full credit, you will need to fully explain how you would solve the problem presented below. Once you have completed your answer, you will submit your answer to the forum.


You have been presented with a workstation. It is set up for graphical login mode, but whenever the Welcome screen pops up, the machine immediately reboots.


Explain how you would go about troubleshooting the problem.
List the steps you would take. Be sure to include the following in your answer:
  1. Files you need to check and their locations
  2. Any configuration utilities you might use
  3. Explanations for your decisions

Submitting your exercise

Enter your answer into the text box below. Click the Submit button to submit your answer to the forum.