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Features of Enlightenment

The following diagram shows the features of Enlightenment with their descriptions.
Enlightenment Features
Enlightenment Features

Features of the Enlightenment Window Manager

The Enlightenment window manager, also known as E, is one of the original GNOME-aware window managers used by Red Hat Linux for X11 sessions. This window manager also works well with the GNOME libraries. The system-wide E configuration files are stored under the /usr/share/enlightenment directory. However, you will find an .enlightenment directory installed in your home directory the first time you use this window manager. This directory is used to store the currently used E theme, or window management and decoration settings. Theme settings are only one of nine different settings categories used by E. Others include
  1. Basic options, such as window movement, resizing, and focus
  2. Virtual screen settings, such as the number and separation
  3. Window, pointer, and ToolTip behavior
  4. Sound effects for window operations
  5. Special effects for window, desktop, and menu animation
  6. Distinct background settings for desktops
  7. Extensive ToolTips and pop-up help
  8. Keyboard shortcuts for nearly 80 actions, such as window handling, desktop navigation, or cursor movement.
There are at least three ways to launch the Enlightenment Configuration Editor. One way is through the Configuration Tool button in the GNOME Control Center's Window Manager capplet. As shown in Figure 5.10, another way is to right-click in a blank area of the desktop, and then choose one of 15 different configuration menu items from the pop-up menu.

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