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Lesson 7 Red Hat Linux System Administration Course project
Objective Describe the course project.

Red Hat Linux System Administration Course Project

To provide a final opportunity to practice some of what you have learned in this course, we have designed a case study in which you will put into practice what you have learned. In the last module of this course, you will complete a series of exercises in which you respond to scenarios and troubleshoot various problems that occur within a fictitious company.
Within each exercise, we provide various resources, such as company information, network information, requirements and specifications, and man pages, which will help you with each task. You can access these items from a case file that looks like this:

Valware Corporation

You are one of the two Linux system administrators for the newly formed ValWare Corporation. ValWare specializes in Web-enabling legacy mainframe applications for large Fortune 500 clients. ValWare uses proprietary software developed in-house for this purpose. The corporation currently has three Linux servers and thirty Linux workstations for developers. Your job is to work with a fellow sysadmin to manage user and group accounts, maintain the filesystem, including making sure your backup policy is followed, and handle server security. ValWare is growing rapidly and you and your co-sysadmin have been continually adapting the servers to meet the changing needs of the company. The next module will start the course by introducing you to the X Windows System.