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Lesson 4 Course Prerequisites for RedHat Linux System Administration
Objective Interpret previous experience for this course.

Course Prerequisites for RedHat Linux System Admin

To take this course, you should be familiar with what Linux is and how it can empower you. More specifically, you should have the skills acquired from:
  1. The Introduction to Red Hat Linux series
  2. The Red Hat Linux System Administration I(a) course
  3. Experience with the fundamentals of Red Hat Linux, including its installation, file editing, and setting permissions
If you have not taken the courses, or do not have this experience, you should at least have a basic understanding of the Linux system, how permissions work and why they're important, and network utilities.

Pre-Installed Linux Laptop
In order to complete this course and the series to which it belongs successfully, students should be able to do the following:
  1. Install Red Hat Linux on standard and nonstandard hardware
  2. Navigate and use the Linux filesystem
  3. Perform common file maintenance tasks
  4. Use and customize the GNOME interface
  5. Issue essential Linux commands from the command line
  6. Perform common tasks using the GNOME GUI
  7. Open, edit, and save text documents using the vi editor
  8. Explain and implement file and directory access permissions
  9. Launch applications from the command line and GNOME interface
  10. Use printing commands and utilities
  11. Customize the X Window System
  12. Copy files to and from a floppy diskette
  13. Install, upgrade, delete, and query packages on the system
In the next lesson, the course requirements will be discussed.