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Designing DHCP Service for Routed Network - Exercise

Objective:Determine how best to design a DHCP service for a routed network.


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Your network plan will include four physical segments with each segment represented by a different logical network ID. You wish to use two DHCP Servers to provide IP addressing information for the DHCP Clients on each subnet. You do not wish to use BOOTP Forwarding because you want to minimize broadcast traffic on your network.

Your task

To solve this problem, you should answer the following four questions:
  1. Where would you place the DHCP Servers?
  2. How would you configure the Scopes on these servers?
  3. What would you use to allow DHCP Clients to communicate with remote DHCP Servers?
  4. How would you configure fault tolerance for your DHCP Scopes, and how would this affect any methods you put into place when answering question 3?

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