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Client support

Client Support
Client Support
  1. Non-Microsoft DHCP: Always test the support required by non-Microsoft clients to ensure that the clients are compatible with the DHCP service in Windows 2000. These clients may require support for non-mandatory features or for vendor-specific options.
  2. BOOTP: The BOOTP client requests an address each time it starts because it does not recognize an IP lease. The DHCP service in Windows 2000 supports RFC 951-compliant BOOTP clients and can be configured to reclaim the IP addresses when you remove clients from the network or turn them off. BOOTP clients are assigned dynamic IP addresses from a pool of addresses designated specifically for BOOTP clients. The DHCP Server reclaims these addresses after the lease time has elapsed and it has verified that the address is no longer in use by the BOOTP client.
  3. Non-DHCP: You configure IP addresses for non-DHCP Clients manually. You can document these addresses in the DHCP Scope by manually entering them as reserved addresses. DHCP does not issue or reclaim these reserved addresses.