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Lesson 7 Finding files
Objective Use find command to search for files.

Finding Files in Unix using find command

1) Unix find command 1 2) Unix find command 2 3) Unix find command 3 4) Unix find command 4 5) Unix find command 5 6) Unix find command 6
Finding Information in Unix.
Use the man find command to learn more details and access additional examples, including some that are complex.
With some versions of UNIX, in order for the find command to display results, you must explicitly specify -print as a condition. In SunOS, the version used in this course, you can omit -print because it is assumed by default.
In the next lesson, this module will be concluded by reviewing key commands, terms, and concepts, and then take a quiz.

Finding Unix Files Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to practice creating a link and finding files.
Finding Unix Files - Exercise