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Lesson 1

UNIX Shell Programming

This course introduces you to the advanced features of the UNIX Bourne shell and teaches you how to apply them effectively. You will also learn new UNIX commands like sed and awk, which are commonly used in shell scripts.
This is the second in a two-part series that teaches UNIX shell programming. This course teaches you to use advanced features of the shell including embedded command execution, command line argument processing, debugging techniques, use of sed to edit files, and use of awk to format command output.
Along the way, you will work on a series of your own shell script projects that will let you put your new skills to work in common shell script tasks in an actual UNIX environment.

Course goals

Completing the course, you will be able to:
  1. Create a shell script that can add and remove lines from a text file
  2. Create a shell script that searches text files for a given pattern
  3. Create a shell script that prints a subset of columns from a text file
  4. Create a shell script that uses command line arguments and options
  5. Identify and debug common problems found in shell scripts
In this course, you will learn and practice UNIX shell programming skills with three kinds of Widgets:
  1. the Slideshow
  2. ToolTip,
The next lesson explains the prerequisites to this course.